Why Use Makena Custom Builders
One of the most important decisions you will make as you plan for your new home, is your choice in the builder. This is the person you will share your vision with and then partner with as decisions are made along the way. Makena Custom Builders is committed to providing you with their years of experience. Whether you own your own land, or purchase oneof Makena's available lots, we are positioned to help you design and build a uniquely beautiful home. With a personal 'hands-on' approach and rigorous attention todetail, Makena has consistently exceeded each homebuyer's expectations.

Makena Custom Builders partners with architects, designers, suppliers and trade contractors to deliver the highest quality, and unique craftsmanship to your home. Makena's desire is that you not only understand the building process but enjoy every phase. As your builder and representative, Makena will handle issues that arise in the building phase, which will ensure a stress-free home building experience. Using Makena's step-by-step process in preparation for groundbreaking, we want you to know what toexpect andat the completion of your Makena Home, we know we will have exceeded your expectations! Wehope you will consider MAKENA CUSTOM BUILDERS!! With our Step by Step building process you will know what to expect in each phase of the construction process while building your dream home.

STEP 1. Meet with Makena Custom Builders
* Share your vision and learn how the building process works
* Discuss whether building on your lot, your land or a Makena lot.
* Review your floor plan or select a floor plan perfect for you.
* Establish your desired home building budget.

* Select the positioning of your home onyour lot or a Makena lot.
* Discuss improvements that may needtobe made such as tree removal, driveway placement, and utilities.
* Discuss the cost of building your new home.
* Go over your questions and/or concerns.

* Personalize the uniqueness of your Makena home from the many standard features.
* Review for any changes the proposed budget.
* Approve the final budget for your Makena home; completing your purchase agreement.
* Secure your construction loan financing.

* You are now ready to begin the building process with Makena Custom Builders which at completion will exceed your dreams!

MAKENA CUSTOM BUILDERS desires to make your building experience the dream of a lifetime.